The first time you saw porn on tumblr


“is this legal?!”

Now its just like:

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Is so shitty! urg! I’ve had non-stop anxiety all day!!! :/


is a fuckin bitch and she lives inside all of us…-_-

When your name is in a math problem.




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Writer’s Block

I need something to write about…:/ Inspiration would be greatly appreciated!

"Trans people have often been described as those whose physical sex does not match the gender of their mind or soul. This explanation might make sense intuitively, but it is nonetheless problematic for transfeminism. To say that one has a female mind or soul would mean there are male and female minds that are different from each other in some identifiable way, which in turn may be used to justify discrimination against women. Claiming an essential gender identity can be just as dangerous as resorting to biological essentialism.

Transfeminism believes that we construct our own gender identities based on what feels genuine, comfortable, and sincere to us as we live and relate to others within given social and cultural constraints. This holds true for those whose gender identity is in congruence with their birth sex, as well as for trans people. Our demand for recognition and respect shall in no way be weakened by this acknowledgment. Instead of justifying our existence through reverse essentialism, transfeminism dismantles the assumption that sex and gender ‘naturally’ cohere


Emi Koyama, “The Transfeminist Manifesto” (via suzyxisntreal) (via graftversushost)

this is pretty fantastic!

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Reblog if you won’t be getting kissed tomorrow, on international kissing day.



what?  I did not know this.  Hold my calls.  I’m driving to see Andrew tomorrow to get my kiss dammit.  ><  sigh.  probably not.  Not forever alone.  but… distance relationship.

(changed the title to read INTERnational kissing day, cuz I’m pretty sure its only national kissing day in the UK.)

well this is crappy…lol

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